Golf beginners guideline

As a longtime golf expert, I see hundreds of beginners every year who grow frustrated with the game of golf and quit far too quickly. Starting with expectations that are too high is a recipe for disaster. Most don’t realize that there is a process of building a lifelong love of golf. This guide will take you through what every beginner should know before setting foot on the green.

Making the Decision to Play Golf

Making the decision to learn how to play golf is easy, but needs to happen with an understanding and respect for the game. While golf is fun and meant to be enjoyed, it can often be frustrating, especially when first learning.

That being said there is one simple thing to remember, GOLF IS HARD. Professionals who have played their entire lives still hit bad shots. So, when you’re working on your game, don’t expect perfection. Learn from your mistakes, accept them, and most importantly manage your expectations.

Golf is a game that can teach you a lot about someone. One of the major things is how they handle themselves on the course. It’s easy to be happy when you’re playing well, but shows character when you keep your cool when things don’t go your way. Enjoy the process and stay positive.

Finding the Perfect Golf Equipment

The most exciting time for a beginning golfer is finding clubs to start their journey.
Most don’t want to spend a lot of money to get started. This is perfectly fine. A great way to get started is to pick an older set: it has gone through the years and is often available for a minimal amount of money. So, find a good deal on a set of used clubs that are going to last you for the next 3-5 years and start swinging them!

Learning the Rules

Learning the rules is obviously an important part of learning how to play golf. While they can seem overwhelming in the beginning, don’t get intimidated. Just learn the basics and pick up the rest as you go.

The best way to learn the rules of golf is to play experienced golfers and do what they do. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or make mistakes. It’s the way we all learn.

Seeking & Finding The Right Help

The best advice I can give you is to find a golf mentor before taking a swing. The benefits of having a professional to guide your way are plentiful and numerous.
First, by having the correct fundamentals in place as you start golfing, your learning curve will be much shorter than those who go at it alone.
Another great reason for hiring a professional is that they can offer immediate feedback when you struggle. These dedicated professionals will support and encourage you to stick with the game and continue to get better.

Make Sure You Have Fun While Playing

There should be no greater reason to take up golf than the pursuit of happiness. Golf is a challenging game that will certainly test your patience but it also gives you the opportunity to share time with family and friends.
When you find yourself irritated that your swing isn’t progressing as fast, you’d like it in the early days of your golfing journey, remember to keep your smile and always seek out ways to make the game fun.

Know where to stand

Golf may seem like a genteel sport, but keep in mind it is played with blunt objects. If golfers seem obsessive about where people are standing, it’s because they don’t want anyone to get hurt. They also don’t want anything interfering with their concentration on a shot. A good rule of thumb is to stand to the side and slightly behind the ball several yards away. If a player is in a bunker, stay alert and stand well off to the side. Those shots come out fast and can go anywhere. On the green, try to stay out of the line of sight of the person putting. Further, when walking on the green be aware of the line from other player’s balls and the hole and don’t step in those lines.