Top 10 Golf Tips for Beginners – 2021 Special Edition

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Nowadays, golf has become more popular. Truth is, Golf is a hard game to learn. Even the most accomplished players in the game were once beginners, so every player knows the challenge of trying to get started in this famously difficult game. If you are currently in the process of learning how to play golf, you already know that every little tip you pick up along the way can be tremendously helpful. Let’s start!

? TIP 1: Get the Right Gear
Golf is a hard game even with the right clubs in your hands – it is nearly impossible when you are playing with clubs that are ill-suited to your swing. Many people get started in the game by using clubs they got from a friend or purchased from a second-hand store. While it is certainly understandable to want to get started with an affordable set, you also need to make sure that set fits your swing properly or you will be making the game even harder than it already is.

? TIP 2: Take Dead Aim
Not just for your feet but also knees, hips, shoulders, and clubface. Most right-handed golfers aim right but this doesn’t always mean the ball will go right as often their swing will compensate for poor alignment. Check your alignment every practice session for the rest of your life!

? TIP 3: Work on your grip
Since the hands are the only part of the body that come in contact with the club, it is vital to get the grip right. Take instruction from an expert regarding the grip. There are three main grips: the interlocking, the Vardon, and the baseball — decide with your coach which is best for you. A proper grip can take months to learn, so it is best to get used to it, even without hitting balls. For practice, try gripping a club while watching television.

? TIP 4: Visit a driving range
Not only will a driving range give you a chance to hit a few balls without having to worry about finding them again, but they are also a great place to get advice and instruction. Initially a professional might give you a few quick pointers (sometimes in the hope that you will take up lessons with him or buy equipment from the shop), but take advantage of the range of different clubs that are often available for you to try out for free. At the very least, smashing a few balls is an excellent way of letting go of stress, you will come away feeling great, whether or not you were actually any good.

? TIP 5: Start with chip shots
Starting with short chip shots, when you’re an ultra-newcomer, can be helpful in learning the basic (and most important) foundation of the golf swing: Learning how to put the clubface on the golf ball.

? TIP 6: Clear Mind Before Hitting
When you have spotted the ball and are about to hit, clean up your mind completely and just keep the focus on the flag. Don’t think anything before you hit it well.

? TIP 7: Take instructions from the PRO
It is a wise decision to get trained yourself under a professional trainer. Because golf is not an easy game. There is a lot of things you need to consider to play golf. Even the club size can make a difference at playing. So, it is recommended to learn the golf lessons from a PRO golfer.

? TIP 8: Patience
There’ll be days when you play that will leave you wondering why you play at all. There’ll be times when you feel like you’re not improving. Golf is a strange game, but say patient and it will always reward you.

? TIP 9: Have a short memory
Bad shots will come. They’ll come often. That’s just golf. Don’t take them too seriously and don’t dwell on them. Get a few lessons.

? TIP 10: Don’t be pressured by other golfers
As long as you are not playing at a particularly slow pace then don’t feel pressured by other golfers. If you want to let them pass by so you can get on with your game without being watched, then fair enough, but there is no reason that they should have a right to expect to just barge past. Everyone was a beginner once and should have a bit of patience, although sadly not all golfers do.

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